About Us

We are a group of dealers under HME Resources company and Sapura ProRide products has been sold to thousands of happy and satisfied customers. We sell only Brand New Genuine OEM Parts with the BEST QUALITY, BEST PERFORMANCE, but with CHEAPEST and LOWEST possible price! (we are NOT a salvage yard)

We dare you to look around to workshops and survey other Genuine OEM PARTS even Genuine Engine Oil and compare the prices but take note with the same standard (ex OEM, Gas filled Absorbers, R3, API SM for Engine Oil etc). Beware of imitation and recycle products.

How to Trust Us? 
1. You can meet us anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia.
2. You can COD ( Cash on Delivery)
3. You also can order by mail direct to your house.

Do review testimonials for customers satisfaction review. We do not only sell. We make friends with you. Also please join our comunity at which gives you more info about car parts ie Absorbers,Spring,Lubricant,Brake, new stuff, reviews, DIY, and important advices.

Please contact HME Resources email to kaptenproride@yahoo.com for more info. .Please provide details such as Name, Location, Parts, and others for easier communication.